I talk about what I think it means to be America.

To be American to me is to support others and be patriotic. This is how it is for me however and what makes America great is you can have your own definition. This is my definition though and why I consider this to be my definition. As a society we already work together as a team. So when we further that relationship between ourselves, it only makes us stronger as a community. You can see this in your friend groups as well. When people you know need help with a project or going through a tough time. You further your relationship with that person as well as a better understanding of them.

Now being patriotic can have the same effects. To look at your country the same way as your friend group can help you better it. If you have problems, be an active citizen. If the country has problems, be an active citizen. In WW2 this was shown to be a good thing. When the US needed money for war, the “Stars Over America” campaign started. War bonds started to rise in popularity. Bond rallies were held by famous people like Bette Davis and Greer Garson. In total the US raised $187.5 billion in bonds. Now this prove effective and good for us because with all that help we lent money to places like Russia for defences as well as ammo, rations, and vehicles for the war. This led to us eventually winning the war. Another reason of being patriotic is I don’t want the american dream to die. Our founding fathers came here to fight for freedom. Although some say this dream is dead, the proof is shown everyday when you watch the news. This is because you exercise the first amendment of freedom of media. So as long as you exercise your freedoms I don’t think the dream will die.

One way to show importance of helping others is, although it’s not shown directly through history, by helping others current day. When you help someone out whether its with showing directions, or helping someone jump start a car off the side of the highway. You make someone's day as well as your own. Do you remember a time you helped someone answer a question for math or the time you would pick up something that dropped out of someone's pocket? You can remember it felt nice to help someone, and it helped them too. They will give a thank you or a little smile. The feeling you get and the feeling they get when you help someone is an good experience to help connect more to the ones around you.

I feel if we could be more helpful to each other, and our country then some complaints we have could lessen. It can be hard to communicate with others sometimes because of different views. If we all supported each other though I feel we could grow stronger as a community. When a community is full of people who disagree and oppose others opinions, we could learn from each other the friendlier we get. Once we pass that boundary, we could get past our differences and be more cooperative as a society. 




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