A major part of being American is that you don't have to support America. In fact, this helps the country grow and change.

 America has always been a divided country, since before it was created, up until today. At first, we were divided on splitting away from Britain. Today we are divided issues such as our political leaders and gun rights. I feel that a highly debated issue is the United States involvement in the country of Syria. On one side, US involvement could lead to major conflict between several countries and nations. On the other hand, if the US does not get involved it could lead to damage to our allies. Both of these ideas are debated by the people in this country, and any opposing view to the government doesn’t make any citizen less American. This concept is one of the biggest ideas of being American in my eyes, being able to live without completely supporting the country.

This idea has always been a concept in this country, and is seen in many major parts of our history. During the time of the Vietnam war, America was split on continuing and ending the war. Many believed that the United States needed to stay and protect the Asian country from communism, and many others opposed the view of the government and country and said that we must remove ourselves from the country. Despite having a completely opposing view to the government, they were still Americans, and their opposing views also helped shape America into leaving the war.

A major topic I see discussed all around me is the issue of gun violence. Our country is completely divided on this issue, and people have completely different viewpoints. This is an issue that I feel very connected to, as it is not only discussed and argued by fellow classmates, but the issue is sparked by events in places like schools. Many feel that there isn’t enough protection against obtaining these weapons and others do not believe this. However, having either of these viewpoints takes away from the fact that all of these people are still Americans. Their opposing ideas are the reason that this country is still able to function as it is and change is made.

America has been through many different events over the two hundred years it has been a country, the people have never always had the same opinion on things the country has done. This has always been a constant, and it is necessary for the country to have any change. One of the most important things about being American is that you don’t have to support the country or it’s decisions.




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