The equal opportunity of furthering education is important to many. The act of making sure the path is open to all is essential to American.

The American creed can differ from person to person, Some may also identify with the American creed that I do, being American means to have the same equal opportunity to take advantage of the resources of education that is given. In America, the opportunity of 12+ years of free education is given to all children. Since the first day of kindergarten, the learning has not stopped. In early September the doors open for all, ready to embark on the new year of learning. With each year, a new beginning fills you with joy and enthusiasm. Many kids don't see the building as a representation of opportunities, but as the years go on so does their understanding of the importance of knowledge. Every child has been gifted the equal opportunity of learning to improve their future through schooling in America.

Not all Americans start out with the same opportunities as others due to financial situations. Financial aid is a grant or scholarship, or loan to help students meet their college financial needs. This opportunity is given to people that are in situations of lower income families. When you are in this type of situation, people may assume they cannot pursue the path of furthering their education. With financial aid, they are given just that. Giving people equal financial opportunity is just one-way America is making the education available to all.

Brown vs. Board of Education is the ruling of the unconstitutional running of the unequal education in the separate schools. In this point of time, the opportunities were not equal for everyone, although the constitution states that all men are equal. Schools were separated by race, African American schools were not as up to date in books or supplies for the children's education. After the trial for this case, the law was improved to the saying known as “separate but equal” now this was not an embellishment of separate schools between race, but it was a step in the right direction. This ruling improved the opportunity for the equal rights to the education given to all children.

As I entered high school my father started to remind me that school was important, being a kid I never thought twice about how classes could impact my later years. When the first year of high school took a toll on my grades my dad told me about his years and experiences in school. A few things I took from this conversation between someone who has gone through the experiences and one who is just getting started, was that the classes in high school do matter. The knowledge you take away from those years of schooling are used later in life. He explained to me how he was once in a high school math class and also did not take things too seriously. As he went on to attend college, a placement test was required for a math class After the test he found out the material that was told in the earlier years did not stick with him. He had to take the basic classes before he was able to take the class to get college credit. He realized if he would have taken advantage of the opportunities given in the beginning he won’t have had to pay to retake a class from high school. The opportunities were given equally to all, but the person must use the education to its fullest to gain the knowledge that is given.

In America, we are all given the opportunities to take advantage of the resource of education. From financial assistance to the availability of school, America is involved in making sure the resources of education is equally given. Some may not always use them at first, or even at all, but all are entitled to the resource of education and can take advantage of them. To be American is to use the education given to its fullest. 




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