This is about the American dream, and what a major problem in America is.

Jayms Gould

American Creed

  Some people think that the problem with america right now is that we are becoming divided politically. While this is a true statement, we have always been very divided politically and i don’t see that as the problem. While there are multiple problems, this isn’t one of them, and there is a problem that i would say is an overlying problem that is in a general sense, a division greater than just politically.  The Problem I would say is the majority of america using our individuality to separate ourselves, rather than mix together and use each others differences as individuals to work together.

  We say that we are individuals, and then go and put ourselves as apart of a group of people that is different than other people, be it white, black, hispanic, and telling everyone what your group has gone through over the years, rather than saying that we are individuals and leaving it at that. We section ourselves off from each other by focusing on the past and not being able to let go of what people have done in the past. We are just making the present into a place that will become a past that other people won’t be able to let go of, just because the current group of people couldn’t let go of the past. It is a cycle that we are creating for ourselves, and it is a cycle of destruction.

  We had fought for the laws against slavery in the civil War, the the way America slavery was was disgusting and wrong. The group of people that came out of it sadly are the present people who aren’t able to let go of the past and focus on the present to keep the past from repeating itself, and obsessing so much over it, are creating a present where there is a lot of separation and hatred towards others different than ourselves, almost repeating the feelings of the past. This will cause the misfair treatment of others and then will create others that won’t be able to let go of the past. If i wasn’t able to let go of the past and not say anything, and just forget the pain that was caused to me and had I not been able to forgive them, i would have screwed up a very important relationship in my life and this would have hurt me even more so than the pain of when that person made a mistake and hurt me. The same applies to what the masses are doing to each other as a country, and as a mass even around the world.

  The American Dream is the ability to be an individual, while working with others in a community without having to focus on our differences. More so meshing together into the mixing pot that is is the american community. The american meaning i feel has always been this. People came here with the thought of, no matter who you are, what race, what gender, you could become anything you wanted to.Whether this was ever true or not, that was the idea in people’s heads when they migrated over. In fact, people still try to migrate over here with that same mindset. However, we seem to be becoming against the idea that people can just come here and be who they want to be, we want to seize the dream that we already have for ourselves, and anyone we consider an outsider is the enemy. This goes against the “American Dream” that they themselves are trying so hard to protect and take for themselves. Little do they realize, they need the outsiders in order to have the dream to exist at all.

The most significant problem is the mass of america, forgetting how to be an individual. We focus so much on individual that we manage separate ourselves into groups. We need to start coming together and working with each other in a community, rather than separating ourselves off from each other, and putting ourselves into these groups. I feel that this is a solution that would help a lot of the nations problems.




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