Is America the way it is portrayed? Is freedom used fairly?

America, home of the brave, land of the free. Soldiers die everyday for us to be able to say that. Wars have been won for us to have the freedom we believe we have.

JFK says “The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission.”

We are portrayed as hard workers. We wake up every day, go to work or school, then go home. Then we repeat it all again the next day. America is not how it is portrayed to be.

As Americans we are supposed to be proud. To love and support the country that we live in. We are told everyday at school to rise and put our hands over our hearts for the pledge. At games or special events we are supposed to pause and take our caps off for the star spangled banner. We wear red, white, and blue to watch fireworks every year for the declaration of independence.

How? How are we supposed to speak our minds and be free? When we live in a world full of judgemental people. People who believe in only one type of person. The perfect American, but who is that? We can not walk down the streets without someone staring you down because of how you look. How can we be proud and love OUR America, our home when we are scared to go to school because it could possibly be shot up, or go to a concert to watch our idol we look up to because it could randomly get bombed.

American creed. What is that? The identity of America? Are you asking for the idea or the bold faced truth? Some people are too blind by the expectations to see how unfair and unhealthy this world is. We are told to believe in one thing and one thing only. If we don’t we are shamed. If we are a different race then we get judged and pushed away. We can not speak our minds truly because we will be told we are wrong and have to change how we believe. The first amendment is not being used fairly. Freedom of speech. It says we are free to say what we want but if we do we could get beat up or even killed.

Equality. It can never be established. Everyone is very different. Everyone will always feel like they are better than someone else. There will always be a higher class and a lower class. Equity could eventually be established, but what we do with the things we get is the problem. If we all got the same things, people would still find a way to not be thankful and protest. So let’s say the people who work at a school all got paid the same. If the janitors got paid the same as the principal. The principal would be mad because they are in that ‘higher class’ as they would think.

People say back in the day it was horrible. That slavery was in motion and blacks would get judged in school or in public places. Have things changed any though? We still get harrassed and talked about. Citizens still categorize each other and pick and choose people they are going to be nice to. We still see people getting hurt or killed for walking the wrong way or looking a certain way. This is America, home of the brave, land of the free. 




This is a class of mostly 11th grade U.S. History Students from Georgetown, KY.

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