The United States of America is a country that’s full of opportunity, greatness, and the chance to really become the best person you can be.

The United States of America is a country that’s full of opportunity, greatness, and the chance to really become the best person you can be. The opportunity to get a good job comes at the hard work you put in to get it, nothing holds you back from getting the education you need to succeed. The greatness that can come from being in this country is immense, if you do something great enough you can leave your mark down in history, no matter what it is that you do you will be the greatest if you try the hardest at what you do. The chances you can get are amazing too, they can all lead you to a great fortune or an amazing education as long as you choose the right thing to do in those situations and practice for those certain chances. These are the things that make America great, but only if you work hard for it, that’s the best thing about America is that if you put the hard work in, if you just push for your goal you can get it no matter how long it takes.

Opportunity, that’s the key word everyone uses when describing the land, it’s even known as the land of opportunity by some people. This is because of all the amazing opportunities you get compared to other places in the world that don’t provide these opportunities because of your race, gender, or financial situation. But in America they’ve provided all the tools you could use if you choose to actually get yourself a very good situation in life, public schools are used so that you can go to school without having to pay money, however this only ends after 12th grade, but luckily there’s also job opportunities. These job opportunities can actually lead to something greater depending on what you choose for your career, you could go work at a farm and continue to get skills that will one day lead to you maybe one day owning a farm of your own that you run using your skills that you got from working at the farm you did. Another could be if you go into fast food or small businesses and work hard enough to obtain a manager role and move up from there letting you climb a ladder that will help you get more and more money to fund your dreams. But you can only reach this far if you work hard at obtaining the necessary things that will get you there, because without a hard-working America there is no America.

The greatness of America, this ranges from our economy to our great Army, but it’s not just that which makes our country something that is great and strong, it’s the people in it. The Army is an amazing place which is always seen as America’s greatest attribute, but it would be nothing if it weren’t for the honorable people that work and serve in it for their country, these people sacrifice their minds, limbs, and even their lives to protect the land we live on, and they’re the most important people to America because without them, who would? America is also known for its great economy built up from the ground by the amazing people who ran it, we chose Capitalism as our country’s economy and it works out amazingly for us, letting people own their own private businesses that let them gain their own fortune that they can pass down from generation to generation to help the family prosper for years. Anyone can achieve greatness in their field no matter what it is, as long as you work hard and keep working hard to achieve it.

America’s chances, one of the most amazing things about America next to our brave solders in my opinion, I’ve always liked chances and luck. These chances are the big ones! The ones that bring in the fame and the amazing fortune that comes with it. The lottery is the biggest chance in America seeing as how it’s literally a rare chance to even get the prize, the prize is millions of dollars that could easily set someone up for life if they use it correctly letting anyone have a free pass in America, they’ll also be known as a lottery winner and that would give them some major credit to being super lucky. There is also Vegas, Vegas is the headquarters for some gambling and other very special things that help someone set themselves up for life. One of these situations would have to involve the amazing chance to win the prizes from poker tournaments for the amazing prizes, these prizes usually include a lot of money that makes you look very well in Vegas, but what else comes in that is the Fame you get from it for being able to outsmart everyone else in the tournament! But besides the chances that you get in the luck part of America there’s also the education part, if you do work hard and become a hard worker in a sport or you get such high grades that it’s noticeable they’ll give you a chance to get into college for free because you did so good in your hard work.

These are the things that make America great, that make this country the best in the whole world, nothing can top what we have here. Some people like to argue and disagree that the country is actually not as good, that it’s one of the worst ones because it isn’t tailored to their point of view and they want everything to be perfect in their view, but they forget sometimes that the country was built on free speech and free values, and of course people will always do what they want unless it goes against the law, that’s the only time they can’t do those things, that’s what holds America together, our ten commandments, the laws on which this country is based on is what keeps us safe and protected. But everyone has the right to say what they want, and if they have complaints America will still hear them out, and if it’s agreed upon that it’s a problem we can change that, but only if majority agrees. That’s America’s greatest attribute, change, it can do so many things for people. This was my essay about America and why it was so great.




This is a class of mostly 11th grade U.S. History Students from Georgetown, KY.

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