The American Creed has different beliefs for different people. I explore three in the film "the American Creed' in this essay

America throughout the country has a lot of people dealing with a lot of problems. Problems such as racism, capitalism, and different political beliefs are what is happening right here in America. That is why the American Creed exists. It is an idea that defines the identity of America and is elaborated by liberty, equality, justice, and humanity. However, some people disagree. So in this essay, I will discuss how diverse Americans understand the American Creed. Also, evidence will be from Joe Maddon, David Kennedy, Deidre Prevett, and Teegan Griffith who participated in the film, American Creed, to share their diverse perspectives.

First, we have Joe Madden, a former manager of the Chicago Cubs, and David M. Kennedy, an American historian. Both of them believe that we need to build a community to help our friends and families. Joe Madden said, “Being American happens when you are born here or when you immigrate here. I believe that we had to build communities that put kids and families first.” This is significant because communities can help people. David M. Kennedy also said something similar. He said, “We have a duty to participate in our democracy. When systems fail, we need to look out for each other.” He said this because his father invested his money in a copper mine but it went bankrupt during the Great Depression. This is an example of a system failing his father. He didn’t have a supportive community that could save his business; therefore, having a community is important to those who are in need of help. Joe Maddon, on the other hand, helps to build a community that could be supportive of each other.

Second, we have Deidre Prevett. She is a teacher who is college educated as well as her family members before her. Her family was Native American and were one of the rare few who were able to keep their land. They found oil on their land and this paid for five generations of her family to go to college to become educators. Prevett believes that you have to be responsible with your freedom so that way you can help future generations. She says that education is paying it forward in her community of Creek Nation. This is what she said in the “American Creed” film: “Freedom. We are free to be who we want to be, but freedom is a responsibility. You have to pay good luck forward to help the next generation.” She said this quote because even though her family was lucky to be educated, many of Diedre’s students, however, are from poor families. She said that she wants to help her students so that they can live better lives for themselves and their families.

Finally, we have Teegan Griffith. She is a U.S. soldier in the Marines who has fought for her country just like her family members before her. Her father served in the US Army. She believes that people have to give service to their country and their families no matter what. In the film, she said, “No matter how divided the country is, you still have to serve them.” This is significant because Teegan has seen how people are divided on the decisions that the U.S. has made over the past years. All over the United States, citizens had to fight for what was right for their country with different beliefs and different opinions on the systems. However, Teegan never cared if they had different opinions. She still wanted to serve her country even if it was divided. She says that freedom is the fabric of her uniform.

Every American that I have used for evidence has different perspectives on the American Creed. For Joe Maddon and David Kennedy, I focused on the importance of community to build the American dream. Then I shared Deidre Prevett’s story, which shows the importance of education. Finally, I shared how Teegan Griffith values service and freedom.




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