It doesn't matter where we come from, or what our backgrounds may be. All that matters, is fundamentals.

Despite differences, us, the American people, can all agree on three things - the importance of education, the idea of freedom, and having a strong community regardless of our political views, backgrounds, or upbringings. Not only because it’s morally right to be free and have safe spaces, but through the eyes of Condoleezza Rice, Tegan Griffith, and Deidre Prevett, we see the impact on both the younger and older generations. Both are benefited by being educated, being free, and having a safe, inclusive community.

Mx. Condoleezza, (I chose not to assume pronouns of anyone) as a Secretary of State as well as a professor of political science at Stanford, they understand the importance of education. Their family is almost all college educated, despite not being in the upper class of society. They, as they should, took as many scholarships as they could, because they wanted to go to college. Education became their gateway to self-improvement. They need the “privilege” of freedom to have those kinds of opportunities. It only helps that they were highly adept at school. Condoleezza’s education, as well as their family, depended on their education to prevent themselves from getting discriminated against. As we know, anywhere in the world really, but specifically in America, you can be marginalized for just about anything. In this case, it was about their ethnicity, being African-American. Through the support of their communities, that being their family, their hometown, and now the school they teach at, they can continue to influence the next generations, creating a bigger and even stronger community. I would hesitate in calling the political parties communities, but in a sense they are. They’re trying to make the country “better,” whatever that may mean to them.

As we change perspectives to look at Mx. Griffith’s ideals, we turn away from the more progressive thinking, and jump heavily into the pro-military, almost conservative thinking. Though, through that, we still have ideals- freedom, and community. To them, having freedom means being able to serve as a Marine, as most of their family have served in different branches of the military. My concern is that there was almost a sense of superiority while they were talking. They even took pride in yelling at someone who wasn’t ‘taking care of the American flag.’ They don’t mention anything about education, however they clearly have a great sense of pride in freedom and community. The military is a tight knit group, usually a brotherhood of sorts, once you’re in, you’re in forever. Because their entire family chose to serve, the community in their family as well as with their company is incredibly strong. They make a mention of loving the security of being able to provide for hungry mouths. That in itself is a version of freedom, the ability to not worry. Bringing that idea back to Condolezza, they also had the freedom to not worry about going to college, but that was because they took advantage of white capitalism. But, by doing that, they’re also giving into white capitalism. Griffith is the embodiment of white capitalism, taking pride in being in the military, even saying “Freedom is the fabric of my uniform.”

What about the uniform of a principal? Mx. Prevett’s ideals are very focused on education - to the point where they became an educator themselves. They also believe very heavily in community and freedom. They’re Native American, from the tribe Creek. They were almost forced to move away from their lands, but due to oil being present, they didn’t have to. Seeing their students having to move all the time is hard for them, they provide as much security as they can. They want their students to have a great education, moving around is hard for them to get that. When they’re in Privetts care, they flourish. “Education is the key to self improvement.” They’re providing service for their community, something they also care deeply about. Giving back to your community in any way you can. Preserving that community for the betterment of yourself and the future. Even with their success, they “can’t forget where we’ve come from, and we all need to learn about each others’ history” Compared to the others, Prevett is extremely forward thinking, completely focused on the future generations.

Despite their differences, they can all come to three agreements, the importances of education, freedom and community. All three come from different places, different beliefs. But they came to the same conclusions. Education is the key to freedom, and community is needed to thrive.




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