As an American, I believe we all have the right to freedom. No matter if you're privileged, low class, etc. Freedom belongs to everyone and that's why I wrote this argument to help others see my point of view as a young American.

Everyone as an American does not see the outside world of what our America really is. We all think of it as a place of happy endings and full of rainbows. Our world is far from perfect. As an American, I see many problems that not only affect other people but also me. As an American I value freedom. Freedom is also for the privileged but anyone can achieve freedom with perseverance. Freedom has had such a big impact on me and my family.

Freedom is a big idea for the American dream. Not everyone has the ability to actually have freedom when they are born, like my parents. Freedom is free but not everyone has the chance to have it. For my parents, freedom was a tough experience to accomplish for their own daughters. They went through the pain of reaching the U.S for a better life. Not only for them but for us. But the real question is what is freedom and how do we achieve it? Freedom is “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” I got this quote from Wikipedia. It matters because it gives me a clear understanding of what freedom means. How we achieve it is actually hard to respond to. Not everyone has the privilege to have freedom in America based on either class, race, the color of their skin, etc.

Is it really worth it to have freedom? The answer is yes because freedom allows you to make decisions for yourself without getting judged. Yet, still in this world, there is much work to do to actually have freedom. I asked my parents what they had to go through for us to be here today. My mom said, “Fue muy difícil, pero valió la pena para darles a ustedes un mejor futuro.” This means, “It was really hard, but it was worth it for you girls.” My dad said, “Nosotros queremos ser libres y tener mas Educacion” Meaning, “they wanted to be free and have more education.” Our family values freedom because we want to be free. Free to express our religion. Even myself has struggled to have freedom of my religion because I constantly get judged for the actions that I make based on the bible. We all have different beliefs about this situation. That's why I started to find sources of the opinions of different people because those also matter.

In an article from The New York Times by Anna North, there was an interview where she asked what America stands for. Teenagers said that America has changed and it's not the same. They talk about religion where they express it as it going down over the decades. Meaning, a type of religion like Christianity, isn't growing in the population anymore. As you can see from the picture over the years Christianity has been forgotten because of fear. In an article from The New York Times by Ross Douthat, he investigated more in-depth why Christianity has “flipped” over the years. Christianity used to be so important for others. It used to be from worshiping every day to some days. As you can see Christianity is going through a downfall and this is also because people don't even have the time to worship every day like they used to.

The way this supports my claim is by people not being able to be free to express their religion. This has had such an impact on everyone and now even little kids tend to see the problems their world has and will continue to have if we don't do anything about it. Freedom is very important and it puts too much pressure on us but we have to fight so that everyone can have it.




UCLA CS English

10th Grade American Creed Argument

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