Education is important staring at a young age because many have background and go through unexpected things.

Community building is the path to perseverance for many Americans. People come from different places and have experienced different things. Opportunities to be who you want to be and change lifes in many ways. There are different stories about Americans and how people navigate to land to be able to change in their lives. I would also say that no matter the race, culture, ethnicity, or gender we should also be accepted and learn how to build community with one another. I will be talking about 3 people that are Condoleezza Rice, Deidre Prevett , Joe Maddon value education and community as part of their American Creed. I will be talking about these people and their experiences living in America.

Condoleezza Rice was a former secretary of state and education is a big deal for her because black people back then couldn't get education. She has said that America had lost sight of what America is. She lived in a country of immigrants that didn't have opportunities for all. People come to America to better their lives, but while here she experienced racism, she wasn't allowed in movie theaters or restaurants because of their skin color. Also discrimination was a big part of who people lives, especially if those people were immigrants or of color. She never liked when people discriminated against immigrants to go somewhere else, to speak english, or their clothing. In America there will always be immigrants, America is a country of immigrants. Codoleezza is black in America and promised a good and fortunate future for her life ahead and she ended up getting the opposite of what was promised. Even to this day there are people who get refused for who they are. Education is very important to her and promises that are made for people. People don't respect other people's culture and think that they can control other people and in some situations people feel controlled because they can't do what others can because they are different.

Next, I will be talking about Deidre Prevett and her lifestyle as living in America. Prevett was an elementary teacher. Her thoughts for Americans were: Freedom comes with responsibilities about each other's history. She is also Creek Indian and the 5th generation educator from a long line of family educators. Her parents went to Indian boarding schools and then afterwards they became teachers. Her family was able to go to school for free because of oil. Her main focus as a teacher was her teaching children about Indian boarding schools and what happened to them. She also felt that connecting with the children and their parents is a very important part of her and working with her community. She says ¨We get to enjoy freedom, but with freedom comes great responsibilities.¨ This quote stands out because in my visions it means that we need to respect the great benefits that freedom brings us because not everyone gets to experience freedom for example most immigrants don't have freedom. The responsibility that she is talking about is like serving yourself and your community. She knows the each student is and how they go through stuff in their lives with their parents are incarcerated and her having trust in kids that they will do good now and later for their future.

Lastly, I will be talking about Joe Maddon and immigrants from Europe. He grew up in Pennsylvania and his grandfather and father were both coal miners. He didn't want to be a plumber and a coal miner like his father. He also won a world series in basketball. He brought kids together, of cultures and races.He was surrounded around people that discriminated against immigrants just because they were citizens like them. Also he saw how people were discriminated against for most things that mean people were discriminated against for the way they dressed, skin tones and for not being able to speak English. His goal was to be able to teach children from a young age to be able to work together and interact with one another and be able to learn with others that includes race, ethnicity, religion, gender and culture.The way that he is dealing with the negativity that was around his time of society was getting children together and be able to help one another connect more no matter where they come from. He wanted that for young children because when they got older they were able to interact with others better and not feel discriminated against or discriminate against others. To add to this, America is for everyone and we should all feel accepted because many immigrants face discrimination since many aren’t like how white people are.

To conclude this all these three people Condoleezza Rice, Deidre Prevette, and Joe Maddon all wanted a change in people's lives. To start off these three all wanted to educate children young for it to be useful for their future. They saw how many people faced discrimination. These people wanted freedom for all people many people didn't feel American even though we are all different and come from different backgrounds.




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