An american creed

In the film American Creed, Condoleezza Rice, Joe Maddon, and Deidre Prevett believe education is the key to success. To be an American, we have to be united as a community because we are stronger together.

For Condoleezza Rice education became the path for self improvement.

Joe Maddon believes that we need trust to build a strong community.

Deidre Prevett also believes that education is the path for self improvement.

In Condoleezza Rice she believes for us to become a better person / American we should be united as a family, have faith, be in a community and have education because it is key to success. She was a little girl living in segregation having restaurants that don’t allow people of color.A example would be her Grandfather.His Grandfather was a sharecropper In Green county Alabama his mother was a freed slave which taught him how to read and decide he was going to college so he saved up his cotton an payed for hist first year of college and got through it. For his second year payment for college he said he had no more cotton to pay and he said “But I'm out of Cotton”. he had in mind a scholarship.That is what the college proposed to his grandfather. He said “ That access to education was going to change everything not only for me but for generations to come.He would go door by door and tell parents that their kids are really smart and he was going to offer them or get them a scholarship. For Condoleezza Rice it was a promise for her country to help others and that with education and faith but also community support we could live an American dream.“ it doesn’t matter where you've been ; it only matters where you're going “For them it was: Being American means you have the ability and the opportunity to reinvent yourself to be who you want to be.

In addition Joe maddon believes that we have to be as a Family, community and freedom to achieve and become an American. He had a background of family generations being a plumber or a coal miner. His dad wanted him to be a plumber and follow the generation of his family.But Joe maddon mentioned how each time their grandfather and dad would come back they would come back in a different color. Joe Maddon becomes the manager of the Chicago cubs. And with his management they won the world championship series in 2016 because the last time his team won was on 1908.He thinks that we should start to integrated kids to join sport teams like basketball,soccer,karate,boxing or baseball for that us as Americans could build trust in our community with other people of color and for more color people to unite with other people and feel comfortable.This idea of Joe maddon was with the intention to build a community and then when the parents come to pick them up then they will talk and maybe create friendship.He involves messages like “The moment we trust each other. That’s when we can build something” because how in his hometown people were going to strike because mexicans or other people were getting discriminated against the reason they were not born in this country.“They all wanted to improve life for their children but it was tough. For this reason Joe maddon thinks for us to build trust we need to be united as a community and build trust.

Lastly Deidre Prevett thinks that education is the path for self improvement “ “The message was education is the key to success and to better yourself”. She believes this because her background was a family of pure educators.ANd She is a principle at a school for 6 years and for her she’s living the american dream which is education.Her family - Creek Indian - was able to keep their land which had oil on it , This paid for 5 generations to go college and become educators at that time if lands had oil on it they would take it away but her family got lucky and they didn’t take the land that had oil on it.She talks alot about community service , serving the community and the next generation of children despite the obstacles persevere. Freedom - with freedom comes great responsibility. That is why she uses a quote What I’m doing now is kinda paying it forward”.I think she thinks this because she got the chance to go to college and study and become and live her american dream.Deidre Prevett has this idea and being thankful because back in her time Many native american lived in poverty which was Welfare and Incarceration. In my opinion The perspective in the American Creed film I believe is most significant is from Deirdre Prevett because she mentions how to be proud and have a good life and live your american dream is throught education.But also she mentions how to not forget where we come from because when you forget where you come from your normal identity if it was lower class we have to remember the way we started and how us lifted yourself with hardwork and dedication to become something that we are proud of. An example would be If you forget where you come from you might not feel the same. For example, in a story named “And then I went to school by Joe suina”.With this she believes for us to become successful we should have education, community and paying it forward.

In conclusion I believe to achieve an American dream or become an AMerican in society we should agree with Condoleezza Rice, Joe Maddon, and Deidre Prevett believe education is the key to success. To be an American, we have to be united as a community because we are stronger together.




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