This poem is about several topics that have been more relevant within the recent years or has been a topic within U.S. history. Within all of these parts, I do give out my personal opinion about these topics. I will also add some of these topics are controversial.

 1. Supremacy

When The Caucasians and colored were treated and known as different

The KKK trying to make an American world, Where they are the only ones left.

The bathrooms separated 

The people segregated

Yet the children knew no better

The same ideals of the lesser black man coming from the early years of an ever growing country

The KKK, The Confederate.

The demons of America nobody never forgets

Yet Our Current America,

Stuck In the Past

Unable to move forward

Because of their family lineage takes a hold on them

The People of modern Racist, still want to feel special by making themselves alone

The colored standing up by representing their history of oppression

Yet violence is their answer

And Charlottesville is there main battleground

For a generational war on the racist

That paints an image for an outsiders

Of an unaccepting America

There burning crosses and supremacy ideals

isn’t something to define America


2. Antifa

The modern day equivalent of an unreasonable ideology.

Violence is their answer

To those they assume are fascist, racist or right extremist

Yet that young adult straight out of high school, who has an American flag at his door

Is left in an alleyway by Antifa

Then Antifa left him in alley way with bruises and cuts

To assume

Is to have a chance to be wrong

To have an absolute ideology of your opinion

Is what you call an unchanging violent party

Who can miss their target by a few meters

They take a high risk

For an ideology know as Antifa

This isn’t something to define America

3. Immigration 

All over the world, to escape third world problems

They come here from America from near and far

Many of them citizens, successful

These are Americans

Yet those who stay for 30 years

Yet aren’t citizens

Become a victim of a suppose unfair system

When they had time to become

Apart of the American nation

They break the law

It’s the same if I lived in any country

Without me contributing to their society

An outsider, who disguises themselves

Turns victim because they were caught

We welcome those from near and far

But don’t break the rules

To live anywhere

You have to be a citizen

I’m an American citizen

4. The U.S Flag

The flag that has been flowing in the sky since we 50 came to be

One giant nation

My family, my friends, strangers in America

All live in the land of the free

Home of the Brave

Antifa needs freedom of speech to beat the assumed enemies of thiers

The KKK and the Confederate believers need Freedom to express their ideals

I need my freedom to express my opinions, my thoughts and my experiences

The United States is far from perfect

But at least my mouth isn’t zipped by the government

And all are able to express all of their emotions

America a country

Land of the free

Home of the brave

I’m an America, We are American

No matter our color or nationality

We all make what America is

We all make it imperfect but better than the rest.




Desert View High School Ms. Gale's Creative Writing Class

A collection of creative responses to the American Creed project.

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