This is my op-ed on what it means to be an American

Being an American means having many open doors to a better future. People are saying that you need to be a citizen to be an American. But it means to be united as one, no matter your race.

No matter where you are from or where your parents are from you can still be an American. I think that anyone can be an American. Being an American means to have freedom and responsibilities. An American is someone who lives in America with a goal in life and has complete control over their choices in life or you can simply be a citizen of the United States of America. Sophie Clark, Chris Middleton , Madeline Lisaius , Griselda Carlos Arzate , Measha Ferguson-Smith , Saamon Legoski , and Savannah Phan have gone through faces where their life is a struggle but, at the end of the day they all remember what they are, an American who has hope and not just in others but in themselves as well.

An American can be an immigrant. No matter how the immigrant came or where they grew up. They can become a resident and then a citizen. Also, just by living in the United States with free control over your actions and choices. Being an American means to be free of making my own decisions. I can pick my husband, I can pick my house, I can pick my pets, I can pick my food, I can pick my job, and most importantly I can pick my future. I can choose to slack off on work or have a good education where I actually learned something. It means that I can choose to say "The Pledge of Allegiance" and that I have the rights to vote for my future mayor or President. It just means that I get to choose who I get to be. I have cried myself to sleep because of the hate people give because of the choices you made. Don't be afraid to be yourself, show the American in you.

Being an American doesn’t necessarily mean we have to like sports, like football or baseball. It means to live out life to the maximum. You don’t have to say the pledge of allegiance and you especially don’t need to wave an American flag everyday to prove everybody what you are. Being a true American is helping one another with dignity, pride, honor, and trust. Like Joe Maddon, the Cubs baseball manager, said “Being an American is about coming together and trusting one another and trying to do what's best for everybody”. Meaning you rely on one another with the trust you have built over the times y’all came together. Doing what is best for you and others. Reminding yourself to think about others and not just yourself.

Being an American means that you notice every human being and that you be united as one. Not caring what religion you are or where you're from but just you for your personality. And to be able to depend on one another with trust and hope is something that everyone should be proud of achieving. Because living in America doesn’t mean that your an American. Every person can be an American I know that deep inside them they have this feeling that makes them do good and amazing things for the community, the people, and the world. This is exactly what an American should be. I want anybody to try to prove me wrong, if they can. An American is someone who breathes air and works hard and cares about others.

Being an American means that I am free. Being an American means that I get to choose my future. Being an American means that I help others. Being an American means that I can follow any religion. Being an American means that I can have an education. Being an American means that I have opportunities to change my life for the greater good. It means to be me.




Classen School of Advanced Studies Classen SAS 8th Grade English 2018

An arts and IB magnet school in the heart of Oklahoma City.

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