I wrote this "This I Believe" essay to show why Americans should focus on peace

 Peace is respect, gratitude, and compromise. People suffering, war continues. As an American, my life has been comfortable. Other people of other nationalities and countries may not get the same option to live comfortably like I do. This has to do with the constant inability to compromise with and help one another. I believe in peace between Americans and and America’s neighbours .

I think that respect is essential in achieving true peace. Americans don’t necessarily always have to agree with one another but they do need to respect others beliefs. People would deny their own neighbour over a difference in belief, for example people coming to America from middle-eastern countries, some Americans are scared of them because of terrorism. The lack of respect is what makes everyone so angry. When my political opinions differ from someone else, I respect the fact that they believe in something different from what I believe in.

Gratitude makes an American, respecting and grateful, a true citizen. I believe that as American citizens, we should be grateful for the privileges we have compared those who don’t even have the many options we do. I am grateful that I live in a house and have my own possessions like clothing and a phone. Even with the freedom and rights that we have in America, there is still division and animosity. When you’re grateful for what you have and aware of others around you, you accept what you have and aren’t always grabbing for more. Peace comes from those are content and accepting with what they have.

I think compromise is a big factor in peace. Sometimes when i’m assigned a partner in class for a project, we may want to do different things but we compromise in order to get the job done. Disputes are big between America and the people within it. They happen when people want the same things and different things. When nobody is willing to sacrifice what they have in order to obtain settlement even if it means lowering standards, they are creating hostility and continuing the wheel of friction that will only lead to further dispute.

I believe in peace because it’ a value all Americans should uphold. I value respect because I show it to others I wish to be treated the same. I also value gratitude and compromise because they show appreciation and return kindness which makes other want to show peacefulness in society.




Classen School of Advanced Studies Classen SAS 8th Grade English 2018

An arts and IB magnet school in the heart of Oklahoma City.

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