These are my thoughts on immigration, particularly DACA, and that the US should be more welcoming

There are many things that make one an American. Most people say if you have citizenship, then you are an American. That's true, but Americans should be more than just a citizen, they should be welcoming, generous people, who have a heart for people in need. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA, an immigration policy, allows young children who came to America illegally with their parents to be able to stay in America legally. Many young students and people are getting deported now that DACA is no longer. I have personal friends who are under the protection of DACA, and they are top students, elite soccer players, and have good character. I believe that ending DACA is not right.

Is it fair to get kicked out of a country that you were brought into without your consent? Personally, I think that it is not right and unjust. Cutting out DACA will impact many children in America, who have developed lives and are getting an education. 800,000 young people are currently applied for DACA. Targeting these young people is the wrong thing to do. My friends play instruments, work two jobs while attending college, and are already contributing to society; Many others serve in important jobs like serving in our military. My friends, young people, are a part of America's future progress.

If a parent is speeding with a child in the car and they get a speeding ticket, the kid does not. If a parent is arrested for drug use, their children do not go to jail. These are just a two things that you can compare to kicking a child out of the country for no fault of their own. Donald Trump ending DACA, and not having a solution to make up for the voided policy, will do just that. The children who are currently under protection of DACA, pose no threat, and can offer good things to this country.

America should be a country, accepting and generous, that gives people hope and a future. Ending DACA may not be the end of the line for young immigrants, since a new law may be passed which allows minors who came here illegally to be able to stay. However, that is not certain. I believe that ending DACA is not right.




Classen School of Advanced Studies Classen SAS 8th Grade English 2018

An arts and IB magnet school in the heart of Oklahoma City.

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