This is my op-ed on why it's important to respect each other.

Where do you live? More specifically, what country do you live in? If your answer was America, then you are in luck, because I have a some things to tell you about America and its current status. In my opinion, the biggest problem that is affecting our country is disrespect. My mother told me this, that respect is the only rule we have as a family. I thought this was a very bad rule, but the most I think of it, the more it makes sense. Respect property, respect feelings, respect opinion. Respect can be used to rule almost all things. To be an American you must respect.

Just as my mother said, respect can be used to rule over many problems. Of course there are loopholes and what not but in all this is very true. One large exception to the rule is facts. I personally believe that facts are somewhat higher on a scale of respect that feelings. I am not saying that feelings are to be completely omitted of respect, but facts are to be slightly prioritised. This ties back to the problems of this country. We must respect each other. We must respect property. If we don't respect, we face the consequences. We also have to respect the facts. Facts are that minor non-violent offenders who are incarcerated tend to replicate the same crime. Why is this, because we don't offer help, we just punish them. As you see, facts can solve even more problems coupled with respect.

People's feelings will always be different. This is simply true. The human race can almost never come to a single point of unity. There are exceptions to this of course. Feelings are subjective, but facts are not. As Ben Shapiro once said, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” Feelings can cause a great sense of power, community, and love. Feelings can also be hatred, racism, and xenophobia. I believe that facts should be presented in situations that allow them to. There are situations where facts have no area (family disputes, personal problems etc). This is where our humanity comes out. There is a large grey area where a singled option is possible. This is hard to overcome as I said, most people can't come together. In all facts will be very important to win or level arguments and problems.

Facts before feelings. This can solve many of the US’s problems, and the worlds. Respect is the key to happiness. So think what do you want, a safe, happy, but factual place, or a dirty, unhappy, but feeling based country, you decide. That's what it comes down to. The citizens. What will you do. What will your family do. It's up to us to make a change




Classen School of Advanced Studies Classen SAS 8th Grade English 2018

An arts and IB magnet school in the heart of Oklahoma City.

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