In our class we had to express our beliefs or belief in an I Believe essay. My belief was that I believe anyone can achieve what they put their minds to. This partly explains the American creed in my eyes, the ability to dream anything and make it a reality.

 I believe that it is possible that people can achieve whatever they set out to do. What if everyone had the same amount of potential? What if everyone had the motivation? What if everyone made goals? What if everyone succeeded in what they wanted to do? How are we able to reach for the stars? Or fly over the moon? Why can some not find their potential?

Procrastination is a monster that likes to surround goals and crush them until they are fallen ash, lifeless and not capable of seeing the future. Goals are the masterminds of achieving anything you put your mind to. Procrastination occurs when you don't have the motivation to do anything whether it be getting up in the morning or going to an event. Motivation is key, my motivation? My family motivates me to do something, not in words but just by being there and hearing them talk about everything. My motivation does come from my family but it partly comes from a fear. Elementary to middle school I didn't focus on anything my mind was blocked and engulfed by my inability to see my future and how it would affect everyone around me. Until a fear developed in me that said you can't disappoint your family even more. My family doesn't have much and that fear motivates me to do better and give my family a life that they deserve. So I got my act together, made new friends, paid attention in class and did my work to keep my grades going. Always looking toward the future and what it has to hold.

Motivation comes in different times, forms, and shaped for everyone. No one knows what that motivation is until they act upon it.

Although motivation can help you to realize where you want to see yourself in the future, motivation is only a small part of your big picture. Sure it's easy to imagine the future, but being able to live in that future is a bit more difficult. Hard work is like glue to a puzzle, it brings all the pieces together. People who work hard are the ones that get to live in the future they dreamed about. J.K Rowling, believe it or not, did not have much while creating the Harry Potter series. She was a single mom barely surviving and the only help given was the government aid she received. She pushed through many hardships and made it out with booming success even when people didn't believe that she could do something like creating this amazing series. Motivation is not everything but fighting to get where you want to be with dedication and hard work is. I believe that anything is achievable with hard work and dedication.

Sometimes things are as simple as 1,2,3 but for some, it is as complicated as a fresh crossword puzzle at your doorstep ready to challenge you, but all you seem to do is stare and think if it is worth a try. Procrastination is a fire ready to burn everything, as that fire is burning you have to run and keep running until you see water and that water is motivation to keep pushing forward using up all your willpower, the water is all the hard work you have put in. The water will slowly drain then you have to run again until you find more water, this only stops when you feel you have reached your highest potential. Somehow some way this is all connected to psychology. The main points? Believe that hard work will lead to improvement and always make sure you know that what you are doing is relevant and valuable to your goals. Always remember if you don't care about it procrastination will take over and you lose all potential, do something that you care about, something that you care about improving upon.

When in this “process” of finding potential and seeking it you have to be kind to yourself and have lots of patience. Fear, motivation, hope, phycology, potential, future and past are all the main factors to push you and your mind to the limit in seeking out your dreams or so-called goals. Go out find motivation give people hope for a brighter future work hard and achieve anything. I believe that with patience work and time we can achieve anything that comes to mind. I believe that everyone will find their potential, but never in the same way as anyone else in the world.




Royal Oak High School Lundy Language Arts

Angela Lundy's ELA 9 classes 2017-18.

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