What Happened?

What happened?

I really wonder about that sometimes.

I feel like WE ALL wonder about that sometimes.

What happened to the country?

OUR country.





That's how it used to be,

that's how everyone thought it'd always be.


We all thought

"nothing could've ever gone wrong."

"It'll be like this forever."

The country,

it seemed perfect, flawless, wonderful, so WHAT HAPPENED?

The freedoms, abused. The unity, diminished.

The country, cracked, crumbled, and divided.

All the killing, all the hate, all the divide.

What happened?

From a haven of perfection to a divided warzone, split into factions

never agreeing, always fighting, 

no compromise.

There's no need for perfection again, that may be impossible, 

past the point of no return,

but why can't we agree?

So much violence, so much divergence, and for what?

Of course, differing opinions are allowed.

Of course, people have always thought differently.

Of course, people aren't going to agree.

But why has that led to hate of the other side?

Splitting into groups and teams?

Not realizing the most important thing about our country:

WE are ALL a team.

So why can't we coexist, live together?

Why can't we understand that people can think differently from us?

Why do we think our opinion is the right one, and the ONLY right one?

What has led us down this path?

This path of darkness, disagreement,


What happened?




Bay High School 2023 1st Block

AP Government Class

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