I state how important education is to my family. I will talk about how education is the key to success.

How does your family connect to my American Creed?

Many people believe you do not need an education to be successful. I respectfully disagree, You need to have an education to be successful. My American Creed is that education is like a key, The key can open many doors like scholarships and schools. People believe you do not need an education to be successful, I can disagree with that because I’ve witnessed the actual truth. People presume they do not need an education to be successful because they've seen people be successful without one. For example they have seen people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs be successful without continuing their education. In addition, there is only a handful of people who did not attend college and are successful. Sure many people have not been to college and are successful but the what is the probability that it will happen to you? The probability is really low.

According to a article by Samantha Smith for the Pew Research Center, "about 15% of people with no more than a high school diploma believe becoming wealthy is essential for the American Dream." People want to not continue their education but want to be wealthy, On the other hand people who continue their education just believe freedom of choice in how to live is essential.

As stated in the American Creed documentary, “People come to the U.S because they can have a better life”. That is precisely what my family had in mind when they came here to Arizona from Tijuana,Mexico in 1992. They decided to move over here due to do a terrible tragedy. My family had to leave everything behind. They settled here in Arizona. Most of my family had to work to maintain each other. Unfortunately they did not have the opportunity to continue their education. They had to leave school to be able to support the family, They did not have a choice.

My family links to my American Creed, To reiterate my American Creed I said that “education opens up many doors”. To demonstrate that my American Creed is correct,My family who are an example of people who could not continue their education tell me to continue my education. They always tell me to pursue my education since it is one of the biggest things they regret, In fact they tell me to stay in school so that I don't end up like them. As stated in the American Creed documentary “education became the “holy grail”, That became true for my family. My family believes education is the key to success and that it can open up many doors. They always tell me a shovel weighs more than a pencil, What they mean is that it is easier to continue your education than to work. My family is one of my primary motivation for my American Creed.




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