People can demonstrate their American Creed in many different ways. This is how I demonstrate my own creed with different values as an American Citizen.

What is your American Creed?

Everyone's American Creed is different depending on who they are and what they believe. My American Creed is what defines my identity. I established it through my words and actions. I believe that this creed is made up of qualities of pride and hardwork and it is seen through volunteering and protesting.

Pride is what makes me an American. Pride is shown throughout my house and it's something I live by. I believe pride relates to my heritage. Growing up we constantly made Italian dishes and listened to stories of my ancestors coming to America. I believe being prideful in your heritage helps you be grateful for your life and allows you to show patriotism. Pride is something all Americans demonstrate in their everyday lives, whether it's hanging up an American flag or simply embracing who they are as a person.

Hard Work is what built this country and I don’t think my American Creed would be complete without it. The American dream consists of people coming from poverty and turning it into riches. You can get anywhere in this country with hard work and I often see this in education. When people sit down and choose to work hard in their studies, they can make a great future or living from it. This country has so many opportunities which overall allows us to do the unthinkable and become people we never thought we could be.

Volunteering is what allows people to build up communities and make this a better nation. One of my favorite places to volunteer is the Village Project. This organization allows people to make food for families struggling with cancer and it has a great impact on my community. This is only one place that people can volunteer at and there are so many other amazing organizations that people can be a part of. Volunteering allows America to prosper and help the people who are struggling. It's a beautiful system that I am proud to be a part of. It allows me to be a good citizen and inspire others through my actions.

Finally, protesting is a super powerful way to voice your opinion. The first amendment is what makes us, us. This amendment allows us to stand up for what we believe and change the things that are wrong with our country. Protesting helps make us Americans and be people of change, which is also what makes our country unique. Protesting is the best way to be heard and you see this when looking at great leaders like MLK or Gandhi.

Everyone's American Creed is truly different which helps us strengthen our own community in various ways. Overall protesting and volunteering illustrates my American Creed and I base this creed on my actions, while following qualities of pride and hard work to achieve the American Dream.




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