My American Creed

My American Creed is striving to uphold a degree of peacefulness among countries, and improving the citizen to improve the society. Everything is destined for change. No good thing in life can stay stagnant while also remaining valuable. 

Life would be much simpler if they constantly considered how their their life would look on paper, and how much they have to be proud of. This is a virtue that will allow for our morals as Americans to stay intact and uphold an honorable society of citizens. If we all focus on ourselves as individuals and how we can improve, society will be better off in totality. Additionally, upholding the virtue of integrity not only allows for us as Americans to improve as human beings, but also to improve certain areas of society. Upholding integrity allows for great, more accepting conversations and, hopefully, more peace. 




Bay High School 2nd Block

2nd Block AP Gov

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