This American creed talks about how everyone in this country helps it run and work as a country and how everyone if they live in the united states has freedom.

My American creed is how everyone in the United States no matter their race, gender or political view everyone has freedom. Our fellow U.S citizens fought for our right to have freedom and to believe what we want to believe. They fought for our right to have freedom of speech and to have different opinions and political views.

How this unites the United States as a country is we can all celebrate on the 4th of July to show our appreciation and how much we love this country. if our fellow citizens didn't fight for our country then we would not have the freedom we have right now.

 We come together as a country more and more everyday because people get jobs and help this country work. If people did not have jobs then kids wouldn't have an education and people would not have the money to keep this country moving. Everyone works together in building this country more and more everyday. and that is what unites the United States as a country.




Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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