There is one thing that unites us all, but it might stop.

My American Creed is hope. We all hope for a brighter future. We all hope for a better tomorrow. Hope is what pushes us to continue forward. It doesn't matter what you believe in or which side you take, we all experience hope. We all get out of bed in the morning because we believe that a better day awaits us. We strive for greatness because so many others have reached it, and we hope to get there too. Many, many things divide us, but hope is something we all share.

We all have hope, but some of us are losing it. I am one of these people. With everything going on in America, I'm losing hope that there is a brighter future. The world has changed into a gloomy, dark place. But the reason that we're still here, the reason that we haven't fallen apart yet, is because of hope. We believe that everything will get better, even if it doesn't. We hold on just to see the silver lining. A better tomorrow is something that we all want, but we have to work to get it. We have to band together and become allies if we want a change for the better.

What gives me hope for a brighter future, is the people around me. Through the dark clouds, I sometimes see kindness. I see people having fun and talking about what makes them happy rather than what makes them mad. I see people sharing or giving away things if pure acts of kindness. Media has become toxic; a never-ending river of controversy and bait (Content made to anger). People talk about what they hate more than what makes them happy. This kindness between people and the joy that is somehow still alive in this chaotic world gives me hope. There is so much division that it's hard to unity, but it's heartwarming when you do find it. The world is crumbling, but the people are holding it together. Even when divided, we can all agree that we work for a better tomorrow.




Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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