The American Dream

I describe what brings us together as an immigrant.

By Felipe L. from Copper Hills High School in Utah

The American Dream; it's an idea where a lot of people I hang around with come together. We have the same goals and within this goals everyone carries the same mentality. As an immigrant we can all relate to the fact that we all came for a better life and we are going to achieve this by working hard. We are all fighting for a better life. The slang in this group also brings us together.

As an immigrant, working hard is something we all carry and we grow a competition around this concept of who can work the hardest.  At the end of the day it's just a idea we look up to; to keep yourself going and bring everyone together. It's a quality that older people look up too without it you can't do much in life and everything falls apart around it. We believe it's the foundation to our families.

There have been many situations in the past where I go to the store, the airport, or public places and I see other people struggling to speak English and they can't get what they want. That's when I come in and I stand up for those that can't express themselves. They get comfortable very quickly and at the end they treat me like if I was there son and they are very thankful afterwards. This unites a lot of us.

I bring with me all of the qualities that I learned from my family and I apply them when I'm around others like humbleness, openness, and integrity. Things like this help me connect with other people because if I didn't I would probably not be as involved or close with others  as I am. I don't forget where I come from and I still contribute to my country as a citizen of the US.


Copper Hills High School

Rollins Class

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