I am going to talk about my connection to the beliefs, values ​​and traditions with the Americans, and what we have in common

Americans have different beliefs and values ​​than others, but they have many things in common. My personality is different from Americans but what connects me to them is punctuality. At home, at school, at a party, etc. I am always punctual so as not to make people look bad, to be kind and humble. We have many values ​​such as being kind, humble and respectful. My lifestyle is very different, always when I get home I start doing homework from my classes that they sent me, very few Americans come home doing homework some of us have that in common.

The traditions and customs are very little that are connected in my life with that of the Americans, Christmas, Happy New Year, Valentine's Day, Father's and Mother's Day and Carnival, those are the only dates we have in common, but meals they are totally different because of the lifestyle that each one has.




Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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