I am going to be talking about our challenges from the past. How the people shaped America into a united nation, despite the losses, the diversity, and the division of ourselves and this country.

America, the great nation held by different diversities of people from different countries shapes our world as we know it. Once the first immigrants stepped foot on this land, we grew. we grew into a town of hard working people, grew into a nation that respects diversities, respects our elders and their hardships, every fight we have had, won or lost, made us grow stronger.

In both our hearts and our souls, we have grown into a society that never gives up. A society in which freedom doesn't only come with a cost, but with a great education of hope. As we pass through the hardest challenges, we keep growing and keep moving forward. 

No matter how different our cultures, our beliefs, our ethnicities, or our generations are, we the people, under god, are created equal. We are of the same general will to live, to fight, and to educate our nation, into a world that would soon unite all who believe in freedom, in growth, in self forgiveness, and in love.




Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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