The only belief or religion that needs to exist is love to avoid differences between our hearts and minds between us as humans.

I completely believe that love is what keeps us together as a country. I believe that the only religion that needs to truly exist is "Love" the belief of that Love exist in our hearts, minds, and souls. I believe that the point of our lives is to find love between us, because we are the only specie that can actually be conscientious about the meaning of love and to feel it between us consciously.

Why do I say that the only religion that needs to exist is love?

Because every religion has different cultures and beliefs, having different cultures and beliefs are one of the principal things that will keep us divided, wars and conflicts happen the majority of time because of beliefs and cultures in RELIGION. At the same time I can say that some religions makes order in the world because some religions teaches people moral behavior and thus helps them learn how to be good members of society.

My point is that because there are many religions it makes people believe in different things and that makes different cultures between us. If the difference of cultures and beliefs continue in our hearts and minds, there will be conflicts between us just because of the fear of being and acting different among all of us just because following the "rules or commandments" of the specific religion.

Just imagine a world where the only religion or belief is the definition of Love...




Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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