My American Creed

My American Creed is the thought that anyone who wants to be an American no matter from where they come from or where they are in the US and to have the ability to connect and feel welcome anywhere they go. Now I know that in some places this isn't the case in the US but I know that it is possible and I've seen it through my family history and what I have seen as I've grown up. I believe that this feeling of community and connectivity between people who call themselves Americans really comes down to the characteristics of an American. How Americans are to be hardworking, dedicated, educated, and open-minded to all walks of life. I feel that hardworking and dedicated are also a similar characteristic that can be combined to represent the drive of an American to better the nation and the future of their family. I feel like educated also can be combined with open-mindedness in some aspects as to be educated on how different cultures are and how it really isn't something negative. But are different because open-mindedness comes to a choice that Americans should make and not become ignorant to being tolerant like the founding fathers had wanted the nation to become. 

Although this is what I believe in I know that many do not see the nation in the same way and how different cultures are different and should be treated as such. I have seen this with my grandparents from time to time and although it might make sense to them and what they had grown up around it doesn't make sense now. Due to the worlds connectivity to each other and how us as as Americans are now more connected as ever and are getting to talk to people of different cultures and background more and more and I know that people are understanding that they might have a different background or look different but they still are similar to everyone else, just like you. 

But I also feel that although people are becoming more and more connected as technology influence greatens many people also are feeling unconnected maybe due to their access of the technology or of their inability to experience or relate to others past experiences and cultures. I feel like although this is a possibility to happen to people, I think that people should realize that some of becoming connect takes place in real life experiences and not just virtually and people will need to go out and experience some experiences that they have never had to in order to be able to understand others and their past and culture.




Bay High School 2023 3rd Block

AP Government Class

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