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The ideals and aspirations of America consist of clear concepts that resonate with every American. The ideals of equality, power of the people, and community are something that I think of when I hear 'The American Creed'. My childhood, communities, relatives, and experiences have all impacted my American ideals in various ways. The most important aspects of my American Creed are equality and acceptance of differences. Embracing each other's differences and diversity, whether that be neurodivergence, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sex, etc. are something that is essential to keeping the nation together. I think a lot of people are always caught up in politics that they forget that someone, who might not agree with them politically, is still a human being with thoughts, experiences, and emotions that make them not just a black or white matter. I've met many people who choose to be ignorant and naive, just so it's easier to disagree and not accept people. I think as a nation people need to respect and love each other more, as a whole. I think having more unbiased new sites, communities, and resources where people from different backgrounds can communicate with each other, and more education regarding different countries, cultures, and histories can help to lessen the misinformation and stereotypes that are out there. I think for the most part, schools are doing a good job at this. Kids accept each other much easier than adults do. I think the bigger issue is media and community influence on teens and young adults' lives. The negative influence of media is incredibly dangerous and expanding from teens to now preteens and even children. Protecting children from social media is something that is important. A lot of ideals I have for America are less so dependent on laws, but more on the social aspect of America. Due to Covid and the rise of social media, the essence of community has declined. I think the people of America need to learn how to accept each other. That can be possible with knowledge and education. Only then will be when communities of people will flourish. 




Bay High School 2023 3rd Block

AP Government Class

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