My American Creed represents a country where all people are seen as equal, and were justice and human rights prosper.

We possess the power to yield an equal America, due to our ability to represent ourselves freely under the constitution.  Everyone has the power to treat each other as equal.  Unlike our previous history, the country as a whole has progressed towards much more open ideas regarding social norms.  As a result, there is no reason why any one person should treat others unfairly.  There is nobody to blame for racism in this country but ourselves, therefore supporting the claim that we, the citizens, hold the ability to create an equal environment.  Also, with more social programs and education reforms, many more groups have been able to become educated and thus be just as productive as anybody else.  School systems today make much greater attempts at creating such a level playing field than previously in this country, which has caused opportunities and skill level to become much more similar among the different races.  Because of this, there is no reason for a business to hire somebody of a specific race over another, when their skill levels are matched, further supporting this claim by showing how it is upon us, to create an equal America.  Next, numerous laws have been passed that help to support the equality of human rights, which makes treating others kindly, easier.  By having political support for equality, it is much easier for there to be nationwide success regarding social rights, thus not allowing for any excuses for racism/discrimination.  Lastly,  it could be argued that depending on geographics some people are more prone to learning racist habits than others.  However, it doesn't take but a simply glace to look around to see that racism is not, and will not be the answer to anything.  Because of this, it is truly up to the individual to decide on whether they want to be inclusive to others, or continue to slow down and destroy the trust and loyalty of our citizens, supporting the fact that it is left up to the citizen to choose equality.  In conclusion, there is no reason or excuse for anyone to think poorly of a specific race as a result of unjustified hatred, resulting in a question that everybody in this country needs to ask themselves, "do I want to solve the problem, or cause it?".




Bay High School 2023 3rd Block

AP Government Class

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