Land of the Free Home of the Brave

My poem is expressing my views of our society, and what we are meant to represent. This poem uses multiple examples of how our society functions and what goes on, on a day to day basis.

By Elise from Bay High School in Ohio


“The land of the free and home of the brave”

The land of the free

But most people disagree

2020, we must fight for equality

A man was killed for what he cannot control

Maybe we are not the land of the free

He bleeds

2023, women are not free

No longer a choice of what happens with their body

Maybe we are not the land of the free

She bleeds

The home of the brave

But there are children being sent to a grave

2019, one dead saving classmates from a shooter

“He was so brave”

But he should not have had to be in that situation

He bleeds

2018, stack desks in front of the doors

Lock the doors, hide behind tables, 17 dead

But they should not have had to be in that situation

They bleed


We are not the land of the free and we are incredibly brave

But yet, we all just bleed

Bay High School

2nd Block

2nd Block AP Gov

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