American qualities are the pillars of our government and help to uphold the greatness of the United States.

My American Creed is based off of the original ideals of our democracy. Each pillar of my drawing represents an American quality that helps uphold our democracy. For example, freedom is a fundamental American ideal which our democracy has been centered around since 1776. For me, freedom is important because I know that I have the ability to speak out, petition against things I don't support, disagree with government, etc. Freedom allows me to feel safe in my opinions and ability to express them. I labeled my second pillar with the word individuality because as an American I feel that it is important to be yourself and not conform to a specific way of life. Individuality for me ties in with freedom because as Americans we have the capacity to show our true thoughts and feelings. For me personally, another important aspect of being an American is having pride. This is because having pride in my country helps me achieve a positive mindset and keeps me grateful for all the things people have done to keep our country safe. On the other side of the building, I labeled another pillar with the word determination. I believe that according to the American Dream, anyone can become successful as long as they are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. This thought keeps me determined to work as hard as I can so that I can find success. Growth is another key American quality for me. The privilege of being allowed multiple chances and the ability to learn and grow from your mistakes is something that I find inspiring. I labeled my last pillar with the word equality because I believe that without equality and fair chances for everyone, the foundation of this country will crumble. Equality insures that everyone is able to find success in America through hard work. I created this illustration to show multiple key principals that have helped to shape our democracy since our founding fathers established this country. 




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