My American Creed

I believe that in order to achieve success, all you need determination and hard work. My grandparents immigrated from Hungary. They both grew up with not a lot of money. As they got older, they knew they wanted better for their children because although they got to grow up in America, they still wanted an easier life for them. My grandpa then opened his own pastry shop downtown. It is still around today. My other grandpa grew up in Erie, PA. Not a very nice city. He went to school, was the first in his family to get a degree and ended while getting a full ride to Purdue. He then played in the NFL for almost 10 years. He new what his goals were and worked hard to achieve them. Between both my grandparents and how there effort to put themselves first and reach their goals is what got me here today. All you need is an idea and the effort to go with it and you can achieve your goal. 




Bay High School 2nd Block

2nd Block AP Gov

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