A discussion of how some of the stories from the PBS film "American Creed" speak to the nature of what American is all about (Added by Mr H)

American creed to me is that everyone should be created equal no matter who they are or what ethnic background they have. Whites, blacks, poor or rich all created equal. Helping the people that are in poor conditions that need help get the help they need. Help get them out and get a good education or a decent job. I believe that it's trying to get people who had slave background or are immigrants get a better life and education threw different opportunities and programs. Everyone should get the chance to improve their lives and live better.

The story that got to me most was the school principal that had talked about how so many kids in low income areas move around from house to house. Was sad to hear that kids could go to that school for the first time in the middle of the year the a to a new school then two weeks later have moved to another new school. Those kids have to relearn everything over and over and learn the different ways the school teaches and the new information that they are getting. Foster kids that go in and out, I think the school should try and make a system that kids can be put into a stable place or get a laptop and do cyber. To at least finish a school year in one place instead or 10 other places. I really like how some schools do help with some people that struggle to get food every day and give those students a discount or a full free lunch. I think schools that don't struggle at all should try and also help the ones that are struggling a lot.

The other story that I think is a good description of “The American Creed” good was the woman and the man at the end. The woman's story was good because both or her parents were immigrants that got an education and came to America and got jobs and lived their life. She Grew up in America with her mom and dad and got a great education and made it into Harvard. She finished school and got a good job helping people better themselves and get a good chance like she did. The guy that was included his family was from slaves his grandpa worked one a farm they had a small house but he passed he let nothing for his family because he owned nothing. He got schooling and now helps people in need just like her. They are helping people in Arkansas that need a education and never had the chance to get on to get a better job and move out of a low income area. Their program helps those people that struggle to find work to be able to pay their next rent and get food every night. They have those people come and do schooling online and talk about their life growing up and their struggles.

This all is what American creed means to me. Helping other people that have had a hard life get a better one. To no longer struggle and make good enough money to not have to live a good life.




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