In this essay, I'm talking about how I was taught to treat yourself and others around you and to never give up on your dreams.

My "American Creed" was being treat everyone the same because if you do that, you can expect to have everyone included. The reason why you treat people the same is so they will treat you the same and have that shared experience of respect and teamwork. The reason I put this as the centerpiece of my essay is because I'm heavily involved in cheerleading. This this activity, some people that try out are different from the other squad members because they don't have that traditional "cheerleader" body. Some are heavier or really skinny and they get really insecure about themselves when it comes to stereotypes in this sport. I'm not the skinniest person alive to do cheering, so sometimes I feel insecure about my body when I put on the uniform. In order to be successful as a squad, you have to treat each other the same or you will not be able to accomplish you goals or do your jobs correctly. The same applies to school for me. I was also reminder that you don't give up if you have a goal and you try to accomplish it no matter what.

Some of these values are from my family and community. My family taught me that when you start something, you have to see it through to the end, you can't give up in the middle. That lesson also translates into my view of school and the classroom. In school, you can't give up on what you are doing if you don't know what you are doing. You need to ask for help and just keep staying motivated. I think the person that I most connected to in the documentary American Creed was Joe Madden because he is trying to get the community together and have them do stuff together to be more connected like a team. I connected with his story because he likes to achieves stuff and I love to do the same thing if you have something in your head you want to accomplish . His childhood was not the best, my childhood was not the best, no one's childhood was the best, all of them had ups and downs in it.

The things I want to do in my future are really important to me. I try to live by the ideals of don't judge anyone, you can't give up on your future goals, and you have to treat everyone the same. I really emphasize these values because I want to go into the field of physical therapy and being a physical therapist you have to work hard and be compassionate to your clients. I believe that by achieving your goals, you will become so much happier and feel like you accomplished something. The nation can benefit from this because everyone should be treated the same, regardless of class or race. The stuff I can do is to just try to tell people it is the right thing to do in a community and you should never give up on doing that. This I feel would be the best contribution I could make to fulfill my “American Creed”.




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