Everyone has different symbols they may believe in and or warship. we develop these through our friend and our families and express why they are important to us. In this, I write on the idea of our freedom to expression and the idea of different symbols one may believe.

Everyplace has different symbols that may have meaning to you and or others, but every symbol, word, and ritual puts people together. We all have different religious kinds and practice but as in American cred, our difference makes us on. Words, what we say to each other is the huge play on our parts and how we treat each other. Our values as well are a very important part to all of us and what we do with them; to not only ourselves but others around us who may be affected.

We have to right to freedom of religion and what we do and practice with it. As someone who lives here it's important to respect others, and their beliefs; to learn where they may come from. We should be open to everyone practices, and at most try to understand where everyone stands; everyone takes symbols and practises differently. As someone who is open wiccan its hard because to explain it to someone who isn't willing to learn. Wiccan symbols are often misunderstood do to the idea people are to scared to understand or take the time to learn it. If we can understand each other and our backgrounds it could be easier on us, allowing us to develop better connections. We have the rights to share our symbols of where we come from and what we may represent.

Freedom of speech is a right we all have here and need to keep. It's important to hear others out but learn not to be close minded. We all come from different areas with different surroundings of people, rules and location. If we can learn how to talk to each other and use our words safer we may be able to understand. We all take different looks in what people say and do, if you tell two people the same thing they both may look at it differently and makes it harder to learn from each other. Using the correct words and explaining for each other will help us. Developing our language and words we use together connect us closer than we realize.

We all develop from different values from our location. Our values all make up america and where we all came from and why we are all here today. All of our values together make us different from each other, depending on our situation. Learning our different values we can help those around us and where we came from. Being in america you have the right to express your values and be who you are. Our values develop from others around us as well, from learning from a family member, friends, and spouse; we learn about each other and develop our values from one another. When we can work together with respect our values become so important defining who we are.

Our american creed make up so much from everyone and from our individual selves. Everyone that lives in america, their values, symbols, and words are what build america to what it is with our rights of freedom.




Elizabethtown Area High School 11th Grade Government & Economics (Elizabethtown Area High School)

An end-of-semester project that challenges students to really think about what it means to be an "American"

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