The essay I wrote was about how I think people show their American Creed through their actions that they make. I listed all of the qualities that I think apply to this because that’s what I have recently seen in today’s society.

                    So how can we as Americans express our American Creed through our actions?As Americans, I believe we can express our American Creed through our actions we make. I think it is important that we take pride in our country and the freedoms we are able to have. I believe it is more important than not that we help out other people when they need it and when we can, because that is what life is about and it will make us look stronger and a better country. Some qualities I think that a 21st American citizen should have include making sacrifices at hard times, having respect for what others believe in even if you have different beliefs, respecting your elders, going out of your way to help others, being accepting of disabilities or issues people may have, working together as a community to make a difference and better the country, raising the younger generations to continue the hard work in our country and have a good education. I think that these qualities are important because by following them we can continue to make our country more successful and continue showing our American Creed.

                 I have seen these kind of qualities taking place all around in today’s society. I see it whenever people help each other in any kind of natural disaster, when people help the elderly or people who just are not capable of doing things themselves, hiring people to work who may have severe disabilities, helping to feed a family when they cannot themselves, or whenever people donate to things to help others in need, such as the American Red Cross. A big place where I have often seen these qualities take place myself is in my work environment. We are constantly doing things to help each other out and better each other and giving people new opportunities. Another place where I see it a lot is in schools when the teachers and or counselors help kids. I think that it is very important that we raise the younger generations to be hard workers and to have a good education since they are the future of our country. I think we are doing a good job doing this by expanding our education system. Those are some of the ways I see our American Creed in today’s society through actions people make.

             Those are some of the qualities that I believe to be most important in showing our American Creed through actions. I think that we as Americans do a pretty good job showing these qualities but we could do better if everyone thought and felt the same way. Personally I also think that we should come more together as a community and work on showing these qualities more. I think that if these qualities were more addressed it could make our country more successful. Those are some of the ways I think that Americans show our American Creed and that addressing it could potentially help our country become more successful.




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