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How my family history connects my american creed

my name is Emalee Templin i am 11th grade government and economic student at elizabethtown area high school in elizabethtown pennsylvania, and my american creed is, the idea of service and sacrifice for our country. I believe all healthy and able americans should work hard for there money and not use the system for help if not needed i grew up in a family where we have to work for things we wants. I think it's important to volunteer if you are able to serve your community. I think it's important to teach young kids how to do manual labor and respect adults. My father and brother server in the military and i think it's important because it teaches you to be obedient. My family believes strongly that being an american is a privilege and you should give back and fight for your freedom. The ultimate goal is unity in society. I think everyone has a personal purpose in society. 




Elizabethtown Area High School 11th Grade Government & Economics (Elizabethtown Area High School)

An end-of-semester project that challenges students to really think about what it means to be an "American"

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