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My essay is about change in America. I talk about how the typical 21st century American should be and my experiences growing up as a hispanic woman in the United States. I write about the change I want to see and how it can be done.

My essay is about change in America. I talk about how the typical 21st century American should be and my experiences growing up as a hispanic woman in the United States. I write about the change I want to see and how it can be done.


Writing Our Future

My family history and the community I grew up in connect me to my American Creed. This country was built up from immigrants but immigrants are looked down on. If you do not look like the stereotypical American you are immediately faced with challenges that some people will never understand or have to experience. I find it funny that a country that preaches it’s greatness, a country that is supposed to be a place of opportunity and freedom is turning people away no matter what it takes. We need a change and I don’t see it coming anytime soon.

The qualities of most Americans is openness. More and more everyday we see Americans coming together to make a change. People from all different backgrounds will work together towards a common cause. In the fil Joan and Mark are very close friends. They grew up differently and they have different political ideas. Even though they are not the same they come together to come up with solutions to problems our country has been facing for years.Joe Madden brought his community together by making youth programs to show children that you can be friends and work with anyone and it doesn't matter that they are not exactly like you.

Growing up hispanic in a predominantly white community never really phased me. For every bully there was I had 10 more friends sticking up for me. I believe that this helped shape me and made me realize that there are so many good people out there. I do believe that if I was raised in a different community things would have been very different for me. My one dream for this country would be for everyone to be more understanding and willing to accept others who are not like you. I think that from a young age we need to teach children that everyone is different. People need to know that even if you do not like someone, or where they come from you need to show respect. It’s important that everyone learns at a young age how to treat everyone with kindness.

It is important for Americans to be diverse in their opinions. If you can’t see the other side and be willing to work with a idea that is different from yours nothing will get done. Nowadays you are either a liberal or a conservative and it is one constant fight with no results. In order to help each other reach the American dream we need to work together. I feel like we are moving backwards when we need to be going forwards. We need to have more people in power who can either see both sides or come from different ethnic backgrounds and can represent their people. I believe we can reach more people through education. It would be beneficial to start teaching students from the time they go to kindergarten to the time they graduate. Even after school, there needs to be conversation in the workplace. The way to move forward is to keep the conversation going.

My American Creed is change. It is learning who people are not for the color of their skin, where they were born or what political ideology they have. It's becoming their friend and welcoming them into your community with open arms. My biggest fear is that we will never see this happen. We need more people like Joe Maddon, Joan Blades, and Mark Meckler. In a world so full of hatred I can only hope that if my generation cannot make the change that the next will be able to. We need to remember what this country was made from before we act. Everyone deserves a chance to live a successful, happy, and promising life in the United States.

Published on Dec 12, 2018
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