My essay is about what American Creed means to me. I give examples of how this is shown in my town and around the world.

After watching the American Creed I think the qualities of a 21st Century citizen are leadership, responsibility, and communication. I think this way because Americans today are always coming up with new ideas and starting new things. They’re helpful to neighbors and communicate with each other in new ways. The film shows examples of entrepreneurs, community leaders and people who are trying to make the world a more friendly place. One of the most important qualities I saw portrayed with every example in the film is knowing your background and family influence. That helps shape who you will become and what you can accomplish in your life. These are important qualities to have, and the more people that share them, the better the world can become.

I see these qualities shown everyday in many different ways. For example, my community comes together each year to help raise money for kids fighting cancer. It’s called a minithon, we stand for 12 hours straight and raise money while we do it. Everyone comes together to have fun with each other and help a good cause in the process. Communities coming together is a very prominent example of my American Creed. Another example is the family influence in everyone's life. If your family pushes you to reach the limits, you feel inspiration to get where you want. Even if there is negative family influence in your life, many overcome this and become better people. My family has pushed me to always try and do the right thing. Because of them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. In the film, the example that stood out the most to me was John Blades and Mark Meckler. They showed that no matter what your opinion is, people can still come together and agree on things. I think this is very important because of how diverse our population is, people can’t seem to agree much. If people were more like John Blades and Mark Meckler, the world would be a happier place, and people could get along a lot better. That’s why this story inspires me so much. There are many examples of people showing off their American Creed today, it should inspire everyone to push the limits and reach their goals.

Everyone in the world should be reminded to think about their own American Creed and work towards getting to a good place in life. We can do this by educating them, or reaching out through programs or advertisements. The movie is a prime example of educating the public. It shows examples of people reaching their goals and going far in life. It also shows people what exactly American Creed is. If we educate and reach out to people more, we could change the world. People could become closer, more responsible and show more leadership. If we give everyone a little push, I believe everyone in America could get along better. It shouldn’t matter what your political background is or if people have different opinions, talking to one another and getting along with each other could help make the world a better place.




Elizabethtown Area High School 11th Grade Government & Economics (Elizabethtown Area High School)

An end-of-semester project that challenges students to really think about what it means to be an "American"

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