Being American means to be free

After all, they say, it’s the land of the free

Do what you want, be who you wanna be

From sea to shining sea.

Immigrants come to have a better life.

To provide for their family, day and night

Oh, and did I mention that education is free?

From sea to shining sea.

Start poor but you can become rich

Anything is possible, anything you wish

Whether it’s out of the blue, or on your to do list.

That’s the American Dream

This country is very diverse

You can believe what you want to believe

Just strive to be great

And you can succeed

We are:

Fun, Loving, Welcoming, Caring, Hardworking

Independent, Outgoing, Friendly, Competitive

And so much more.

We come in all colours

This is the new wave

There are so many opportunities

The Home of the Brave




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