I have wrote a poem about immigration and how we as americans have been unforgiving to immigrants, whether they are documented or undocumented. I have also written a brief summary/synopsis at the bottom of the page

They came for freedom,

we showed hostility toward them.

We gave them hope then separated their families.

They marched to the border and we attacked them.

We have a president who calls immigration to the U.S. from the southern border an invasion.

Some of us embrace immigrants but some of us discriminate them.

Our country is split over the issue of immigration.

But the fact is immigration is inevitable.

It will always occur, no matter what cautions are taken.

            I found that President Trump has deported over forty-thousand immigrants to support a claim about immigration cases he made in 2017. He stated “They go into our country, and then you announce — these are the laws — then you say, ‘come back in three years for your trial,” Trump said. “Tell me what percentage of people come back. Would you say 100 percent? No you’re a little off. How about 2 percent. And those people you almost don’t want ‘cause they cannot be very smart.” He made this statement after he deported over forty-thousand immigrants to make the percentage as close to zero as possible. He also made a catch and detain policy to allow indefinite detention of undocumented immigrants. President Trump also recently shut down the government to account for his five billion dollar wall to the federal budget. This caused millions of non-essential federal workers to lose all pay this caused major problems with the House of Representatives and the American people.


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