I have looked into Immigration and how it has been affecting the U.S and how they are being treated because they by not being citizens.


There’s some people that come to the United States without any paperwork for citizenship they call them immigrants. The president of the United States is trying to make a border wall on the Mexico border so people won’t be able to sneak in to the United States. The people that come to America they are looking to have a better life and they are able to get more money than their own country. The only thing that stops them from making a lot of money it’s that they need to have a education and be a citizenship so they can find a good paying job. Most americans don’t want to have immigrants to have jobs because they are taking jobs from people that have a citizenship but most people don’t understand that the people that make a low income help out the big companies.

The reasons that immigrants move to the U.S is that they make more money than their own country. Most people think that the immigrants are the reason that there’s a lot of crime in the U.S and also way they bring drugs into the country. Many people say and think a lot of bad stuff about immigrants because they are not from the country. There’s still a way that a immigrant can get a visa but they would need someone that is a citizen in the U.S so they can help someone get a visa. They would need to show that they had enough income so they can support themselves and the immigrant. The citizen would also need to have a clean record so they want to know if they don’t have a criminal record and follows the law. Many immigrants get deported back to their home country every year and each time there’s more immigrants getting deported. There should be changes so immigrants can have the same opportunities as citizens.

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