Ever wonder about women's rights and what inequalities women face? Find out in this article!

Women’s Rights

In the United States women have achieved rights that some people thought wasn’t achievable. Unfortunately, women still have not gotten equality and certain rights in the United States. Women in the construction industry face gender inequality everyday. According to “ What It’s Really Like to Be a Woman in the Construction Industry”, it states “I have noticed that a lot of young women in the industry get mistaken for a secretary or an assistant just because they are young women." But, why is it that women get mistaken for non construction workers? Why do people think that women can’t work in the construction industry? The construction industry still does not have equality for men and women.

According to “Will Imran Khan educated Pakistan’s Girls?”, it says that “More than 22 million of Pakistan’s children are out of school, most of them are girls.” Why are most girls out of school in Pakistan? Why can’t they get the education that they deserve like every other girl and boy in other countries? As an American I think that this is injustice for girls. What I don’t get is that why do people differentiate between girls and boys or women and men? Why is it different for girls? Why isn’t it equal for girls? I think that us Americans should be doing something for these girls. We can talk to the Prime Minister of Pakistan or schedule a meeting with him to address this situation. It is extremely important for everyone to get an education. I think that someone from the U.S can do something about it, for example The United States can share their ideas about gender equality by saying how far our country has came relating to this situation and how we have overcame the challenges of gender equality.

In the article “Most Americans say more women running for Congress is a good thing, as hope for a female president grows” it states that “About six-in-ten Americans (61%) say it’s a good thing that more women are running for U.S. Congress this year than in the past, while a third say this is neither good nor bad. Just 5% see this as a bad thing.” I think that this is going to be a good thing because we need more women in Congress. We need to get a women's view in politics. It can’t always be white men. If a woman is President then there would be more women rights and they would actually care about what would be happening with women around the nation. It would also help women feel more empowered and know that they are capable of doing more. Some people think that women belong at home in the kitchen and taking care of kids but this is wrong. Women have the right to be out in the open making a voice for themselves. They shouldn’t be scared to do so. Personally I am very excited to see a women become president. It would be nice to see what a women’s point of view in politics is. Hopefully this will happen soon and I think that most people are eager to see a women become president.

What would happen if men continue to be in the White House? What will happen if men continue to make laws about women’s bodies? What is going to happen to the girls in Pakistan that won’t get an education? What is going to happen to women who don’t get the equality they deserve?

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