Jobs in America

This essay is about jobs in America and how many jobs are coming to America.

Ryan Nguyen



20 February 2019

Jobs in America

Why doesn’t America provide jobs for all people in America? Is poverty in America because of the lack of jobs in America? Although many people are in poverty in America, many people are looking for jobs and are willing to work.

It’s important to know that there are many jobs in America that are open. According to the article “ U.S. has recorded 6 million job openings, even as 6.8 million Americans are looking for jobs” in the first opening paragraph it states “ There were 6 million open jobs in the United States in April, a record high, according to data released by the Labor Department Tuesday. It comes at a time when 6.8 million unemployed Americans are looking for a job”(CNN). With six million jobs opening many people will start to receive income. With income flowing in to people in need, they will eventually get themselves into a better spot in their lives. In the same article it states “It also depends on location and the type of job. In April, there were 2.1 million open jobs in the Southeast United States, the most of any region. The Northeast, the most densely populated, had the fewest number of job openings, 1.2 million(CNN). If six million jobs open the officials of America should be spreading the jobs around America equally. If one region of the United States is being helped out, it's not fair to another section of the America. People that are in poverty and in need of a job people don't have the money to move from their homes to the jobs. If one section of America has all the jobs another section is still struggling and many people are in need of money. Six million jobs are now here in America, people in need should take advantage of this opportunity.

The unemployment rates have been the lowest in many years. According to the article “ America's unemployment Rate Falls to Its Lowest Level in Almost 50 Years” it states “In addition to the nearly 50-year low for the overall unemployment rate, unemployment also reached historic lows for multiple demographic groups. The unemployment rate for Hispanics fell to 4.5 percent (matching July 2018), the lowest rate ever recorded”. For women, the unemployment rate fell to 3.6 percent (matching May 2018), which was the lowest rate in nearly 65 years(WhiteHouse). Many people benefited from this opportunity of jobs coming to America. The unemployment rate has been at the lowest point in 50 years. Many people got jobs because when unemployment drops it means that more people have gotten jobs and that less people are unemployed. With more people now having jobs people will now start to get a income and start getting bills paid. People will eventually get out of poverty if the money is spent smartley. So many people will be helped. In the same article it states“Nominal average hourly earnings rose by 2.8 percent over the past 12 months, while nominal weekly earnings growth was even stronger at 3.4 percent over the past 12 months”. The people that were struggling with money, not only did they get a job but they are getting paid more now(WhiteHouse). This is a good thing for people that were in poverty because they are getting paid more and bills are getting paid. They can now care for their families. Unemployment rates dropped and now people are getting payed more every paycheck.

Unemployed people shouldn't care how much they are getting paid and what job it is unless the job has really bad standards. According to the article “ There are more jobs than people out of work something the American economy has never experienced before”. The article states that “Employers have been complaining for years about a skills mismatch, or the inability to find workers with the right training for the positions available”. People shouldn't care what kind of job they get offered if they are in desperate need of a job and money. Yes some people may not have the same skills as others in a certain job but if you are in desperate for money you should at least give the job a try and not complain about it. If someone knows they’re not good at a certain job they should get someone who has the right skills and training and have them train them. In desperate need of money and a job you shouldn't complain about the job and give it a try. In the same article it states “Under normal circumstances, the mismatch would be creating a demand for higher wages”. If a certain company can't find workers, the workers that work for the company expect to be getting paid more since there's less workers to pay. When people have to work double the amount than usual because there's no employees to hire for a certain position they should be getting paid a tab more. People without a job shouldn't care how much and what kind of job it is if they’re getting paid for it.

Imagine being unemployed and not receiving a income,jobs should be provided in America for all unemployed people. People shouldn't care about what kind of job, as long as they’re getting paid it shouldn't matter.If the pay isn't worth the labor no one should work there.

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