Ever wonder how pollution affects our world? People wonder why we even have a pollution problem, is it us? Why do people even care about pollution, It doesn't harm us right? Can pollution really be that bad? These are all questions people have about this topic, but why?

Do you care about pollution on Earth? According to “Americans Don't Care That Much About the Environment, Poll Shows” by Alexandra Sifferlin, studies have shown that only 32% of Americans care about climate change and only 55% care about water pollution. This is shocking because we humans, have caused this issue. More people should start paying attention because of the effects this has on our world. If we don’t do anything about pollution now it will be to late.

All this pollution has inflicted so much harm upon the Earth. This has caused melting glaciers,rising sea levels, and the rise of temperature throughout the world. “Pollution” by National Geographic states “Global warming is causing ice sheets and glaciers to melt. The melting ice is causing sea levels to rise at a rate of 2 millimeters (0.09 inches) per year.” This shows that because of global warming has caused the ice caps to melt which causes the sea level to rise. Because of this, the sea will eventually rise above our land and when the ice melts it will get even hotter. “Pollution” by National Geographic also states “Scientists have predicted that global warming will cause an increase in severe storms. It will also cause more droughts in some regions and more flooding in others.” This shows that the temperature rise will also cause, storms, droughts, and floods. Last year was a clear sign of this because the amount of flooding and hurricanes across the world, including 15 named storms with 8 being hurricanes which is double the amount from 2015. But we have caused this, now we need to start to reduce it too.

There are many ways we can reduce pollution. Pollution is caused by a lot of things we use in our daily lives. The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Sciences states “Every time we drive to school, use our heater or air conditioner, clean our windows, or even style our hair, we make choices that affect air pollution.”(Ethos) This shows that most of the things we use on a regular basis can cause pollution, including our hairstyles. This is because certain things we put in our hair such as hair sprays can cause pollution, you may be able to get a different haircut or find eco-friendly products. The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Sciences also states “Seal containers of household cleaners, workshop chemicals and solvents, and garden chemicals to prevent volatile organic compounds from evaporating into the air.” This shows how the sprays and chemicals we use are huge contributors to our pollution levels. This is because all of the chemicals are either released into our air or sink into our water, including our drinking water. We can try to limit the use of these products to reduce our pollution levels, there are eco-friendly products we can use we can also find a better way to get rid of the waste.

The problem is that we aren’t really educated on this topic so no one really cares about climate change anymore. Another reason people may not care about it is because all these products that we use on a daily basis are what’s causing all this pollution. “Americans Don't Care That Much About the Environment, Poll Shows” by Alexandra Sifferlin states “Americans care less about environmental issues now than they have in the past—and they’re no more worried about global warming than they were decades ago, a new poll shows.” This shows that Americans are starting to stop caring about our issues. American’s used to care a lot but now global warming just isn’t important to them anymore, most likely because a lot of them are unaware of this topic or would just rather an easier life with the products they have now. If we think about it we are ruining Earth for our descendant’s. What do you think they will have to go through? It will be scorching, there will be famine, disease, more storms, and overcrowded because there will be less habitable land. How would you feel if someone did this to you. “Americans Don't Care That Much About the Environment, Poll Shows” by Alexandra Sifferlin also states “In 1989, 35% of the men and women surveyed said they cared a great deal about climate change, but only 32% said the same thing in 2015. Even when it came to polluted water, just 55% of Americans reported caring a great deal, down from 65% in 1990.”This shows that only 32% in our country care about climate change this is a 3% drop but when it comes to water pollution it was a 10% drop. Only 55% of Americans actually care about water pollution. Because of this people will do a lot less about this problem. This is our world and we are killing it, we could fix our mistakes but we need to start now.

After all these harmful effects we have caused people still aren’t doing their part to stop climate change. At this rate the Earth will only be habitable for a couple more century’s. What will are descendents have to go through. We need to fix our mistakes now, we can use different products and try to live more environmentally friendly if else it will be too late.


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