My piece is about Suicide and why so many teens have those type of thoughts.

Miguel Garcia 


Suicide is an important topic in our society because the numbers of suicide attempts and suicidal thoughts have increased rapidly in the last 5-10 years. It is important for more people to learn more about this topic because it has risen to the third most leading death in teens.People tend to to not pay attention and put others down when they dont know whats going on outside of school.They could be going through a hard time but no one would know because they are scared to tell the truth because they could be insecure.

Based on studies the most common reason that people tend to try to commit suicide is because of thing that are going on and they feel as if it would be better for them if they were gone.Others tend to cut themselves for’’relief’’ but that is not the answer to suicidal thoughts. Suicide important because people may not have a voice to say what is going on to get help. We need people to stand up and help out those in need of help. People can also help by getting help for others who have depression because that can lead to suicidal thoughts. Males die from suicide 4 times more than females,but females are more likely to attempt suicide..This important because females have more suicidal attempts.We can help females number of suicide attempts decrease by helping them out. We can help them out by

What resources are their for help

Some resources that people can have and use is the suicide hotline. The number for the hotline is 1-(800)-273-8255.You can call this number at any time of the day because their will always be someone that will answer and listen to you and what you have to

say. They are a 24 hot hotline. Another resource that can help people that have suicidal issues is to go to support groups that help you out with talking and social skills or help you get through whatever you are going through. You can also go to a therapist that will help you talk about what is going on and what made you want to commit suicide. You can also ask others to listen to you to help you get this help or talk to your parents. One other thing you can do is to listen to other people’s stories that dealt with the same thing.

Real stories about survivors

I found this quote from an anonymous story teller from that said his story which was about someone who went through suicidal thoughts for 12 years and managed to get back on track and not commit suicide.This is an important story because it took their son 12 years to get through suicidal thoughts and attempts but the important thing is that he got past that point of his life and now is doing better. Since e got through it after 12 tears you can also get through it in shorter amount of time. This story is also important because he persevered through all of the hardships and got back on track.


In conclusion Suicide can be really difficult to handle alone but when you get the help you need it can take a very short amount of time to get through suicidal thoughts or attempts or a very short amount of time.The most important thing is that we can help each other get through that point in their life. Suicide is not something to take as a joke.

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