Racism is still a problem in the U.S. Isn't America suppose to be a place a where all get treated equally, but happened to that?

     Racism. A word we as a society heard a bunch of times.When did it start? How can we help end it? Will those people we call racist, realize that not all the people in the in the race they dislike so much, aren’t all the same? How can we help them realize that? To open their eyes and see that we are all human, no matter our skin color because in the inside, we all have the same organs in the same place.The only difference is our skin and of course, our personality.

Racism is as old as the human race. Humans always feared or hated a different nation or a skin color. Why would someone fear a certain race?.Since the beginning of the 17th century, racism has long been a problem in the U.S. The U.S is supposed to be a land where all are treated equally, but what happened to that?

There people who still believe that racism is still a problem in the United States and there are others that don’t think that. A survey made by NBC News, said that nearly three quarters of the people believe that discrimination against blacks is still major problem, while only 30% say that racism is not a major problem.Maybe they don’t know how big the problem is because they are lucky enough to not have to experience it themselves

How can we help racism end? We can help people be more open-minded, to see that not all the people in the certain race they dislike so much aren’t like the people we see on the news. There are people who want future generations to be taught about the different races, to not discriminate because of someone’s race, to be able to work together. There are parents who want their children grow up experiencing diversity, but how do they teach them?They should be careful about what they say near children about a certain race because if they are young and impressionable. If they say things that have a racist intent behind them, the child will grow up thinking that racism is okay and normalized. What also affects the way people think about a certain race is the news, friends,family and of course the media. We really shouldn’t believe everything we see on the internet or hear from other people, obviously everyone should know that. No matter how convincing it may seem, everybody should still check to see if its credible.

We all should be able to work together, not discriminate because of one’s race and not believe everything we see or hear on the media,friends and family.

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