My poem and letter are to those people who don't think life is worth living anymore. It is for the people who are giving up on everything and have no sense of hope anymore. If you are someone like this, I pray you find help. I pray you find hope.

To The Broken, You Are Not Alone

You want to scream

You beg that this depression is all just a dream;

However in dreams, they don’t last this long.

You feel as if you can’t tell anyone

You are wrong.

You think they’ll just look at you and call you weak,

But sweetie,

you mean more than what you think

You want to cry from the pain.

Trying to find options to end it all.

You find yourself to blame.

You wait to see how long it takes you to fall.

Suicide is starving.

It chooses the souls of people who fight the hardest.

It grabs at you when you feel like drowning.

I’ve seen those scars on your hips.

I have also seen your pain.

The fake smile that falls upon your lips.

The road you are on now, you are disappointed,

But when you finally arrive at your destination

You will feel appointed.

Wipe those tears.

You are strong and tough

Happiness feels like it will never appear,

So don’t be scared. Have patience.

Happiness will soon reappear.

About This Poem

I myself have struggled with depression and attempted suicide. Many people in my family, and many of my friends as well. I know the pain that is being experienced. I know times are tough. I’ve seen those tears in your eyes, the hurt. I’ve been there. Feeling so terrible you feel empty and can’t eat. I know. However, light is coming to get you out of this darkness, just keep fighting. Much love to all of those that are hurting.”

Dear Survivors,

I know you are angry. I know you are sad. I know you feel hopeless in this small world. I know you feel alone, because so many people in my family have been there too. I know because of all my friends in high school that came to me, because they had no where else to go. You believe you have no one, but trust me you do. I don’t know who you are, but I care. You are someone that is looking for help, and I am here for you. You are broken, and you don’t deserve this pain you are feeling. If you are trying to hide your depression, don’t. It’s not an uncommon thing. You aren’t weird because of it. You are special because you have been fighting a battle that so many people have not won. Losing is not an option. You can do this. Art Buchwald once said, “Don’t commit suicide, because you could change your mind two weeks later.” My cousin is sixteen years old, and wanted to give her life up because her boyfriend thought she was cheating, her mother had her doing all the work around the house, while her and her sons sat on their bottoms doing nothing, and if she refused she was beaten. Her brothers were allowed to do whatever they wanted with no consequence, but she felt as if she couldn’t breathe without getting screamed at. She was also being bullied at school. She was caught cutting her wrists by our mamaw, and luckily got her to the hospital in time. She stayed there for a few days, and my mamaw took her in. My cousin told them what was going on, and now she lives with her and is so glad she didn’t take her own life. To sum that all up, tell someone. Talk to someone and if you don’t have anyone call 1(800)273-8255. That is the Suicide Prevention Life Line. There is always someone to talk to. Believe me. I have so many disturbing stories. I have seen more than any average girl should, but I have seen suicidal people come close to ending it, and choosing to put suicide down. I am so proud of how far they have become now. If you are reading this, you are not alone. The Suicide Prevention Association says, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do. Everybody wants to be a diamond, the more it is cut, the brighter it sparkles. Remember diamonds are created under pressure from dirty coal.” You might see your future as dark and full of sadness, but once you find yourself with hope. Your future can be whatever you want it to be.




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