American creed is something which is different to everyone. People have different perspective of what their beliefs or goals are. America is immigrant country, people from all over the world come with different goals.

I want to share my story about how I came in America.  I came from India, 2 years ago.  When i was in India,  I was home and I heard my parents talking about going to America and settling there.  My aunt is citizen here so she processed the immigration file.  When i first heard that i was really excited to go to a different country, culture and people.  When i came here, my first impression that i was really impressed.  I liked how country worked.  India is still a developing country so this was my first time coming to a developed country.  It took some time to get used to how school works here, how everything works and its different from India.  My parents believed if we come here in U.S. we will have more opportunities.  In my opinion, its true that we will have more opportunities.  I like it here, i do miss India.  So, in conclusion, we came here to explore and succeed in more opportunities.  But, that is not the case with everyone.  People come here with different beliefs, goals.  America is really diverse and I believe everyone can achieve the American creed or the American dream.

I believe that different people have different views on everything.  Even your family members might not agree with something that you believe its true.  In politics, Democrats might have different opinion on something than Republicans or an Individual.  I think people of different parties who have different views, should get together and talk about their beliefs or views on things like politics.  If they did this, these people might see why they are Democratic, Republican, or an Independent.  My aspiration for the future is for us to all see why people have different views and see why they are different.  Also, we shouldn’t judge people because they believe in something different than us.  That's why Americans are diverse and they understand "American Creed" differently.




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